The Please Listen foundation.
"Words can cause more Pain than a fist, Listen to what  You are saying and Know that You are speaking to Our Lord Jesus Christ at all times!"

     Welcome! Thank You for All your Prayers. God has answered them with this beautiful ministery. It would be an answer to Our Prayer, If you would take Our hand and Join us Helping Our Sisters and Brothers in need of Our Help!

      We start by asking Our Blessed Lady to interceed with Our Prayers to Our Lord Jesus!

                         Now, Let's begin!

     We share anything you may have that will bring the Lord's Spirit to a friend in need. The greatest thing about this act of Love. You may never know who it is that You are Helping. However, Your faith in Our Lord knows and believes he will answer Our Prayers! If You have Anything! Nothing is to Big or to Small. Something maybe Old or even New. You may bring it to The Church, mail it to us, Or maybe We may even come to You and pick it up.

             We bring Your religious Treasures to friends in the senior care homes, Hospitals and Our Unfortunate Loved Ones on Our Streets!

Our Church is: Saint Jude in Westlake Village, California. or Call or TX (818)991-4357